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Well paid job

Would you like to work in the warehouse of an online store or perhaps a large shipping company?

Or are you a truck driver?

Would you like to start your career as a forklift driver (even without experience) or would you like to learn the profession of an aircraft parts painter in a strong and stable company on the European market and also receive a decent salary from the beginning of your training?

No problem!

Apply to us first.

Call us, write us, send us your CV, tell us what you can do (experience), what you are looking for (requirements) and what you want in return ( salary).
We will try to match your experience, skills and expectations with what is already available in the database.

If the current offers do not meet your expectations, it is not a problem – we will store your data and all the information you provide us with in our recruitment database, and based on these guidelines we will constantly strive to find employment that meets your expectations as quickly as possible and invite you to work with us.

Recruitment – the process of our activities

We recruit in the following areas:

  • Warehouse Logistics,
  • transportation,
  • production
  • and many others.

Send us:

  • your CV
  • a letter of motivation, if you wish,
  • write something about yourself,
  • leave your contact information

We will do our best to make you an offer that matches your skills and expectations as much as possible.
If you know foreign languages (German, English) or are in the process of learning them, this will be an additional advantage for you.

We will probably contact you for additional information and we will answer all your questions so that both sides are in the clear.

We will keep your personal information in our database for recruitment purposes until you have been offered the position you want.
If we don’t have an offer for you right now, you can be sure that we will contact you when we find a job that matches your expectations.
If you are interested in changing jobs, it is also a good idea to apply to us.

We carry out recruitment in German and Polish language.

If you are interested in our offer,

please fill out the application form and send it to: