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In what areas can we support you?

We place substitute and temporary employees in various business areas

Do you need employees immediately?
You can find them with us!

Regardless of whether you are looking for:

  • People to unload and load containers,
  • forklift drivers in the period before Christmas,
  • help with order picking when your online store is booming,
  • gdy Twój sklep on-line przeżywa boom,
  • additional workers for a short period of time.

We hire employees who have the right training, qualifications and know-how for you. We check their qualifications at the time of hiring and enhance them during professional training.

The employees come, do their work and you pay only for the hours worked.

In what areas can we support you?

We provide replacement and temporary staff in various business areas


experienced, professional substitute drivers,
transport of goods over short distances,
transport of dangerous goods,
handling of general cargo, partial and full loads.


Forklift drivers
Reach truck driver,
loading and shipping of goods
Transportation planning and coordination.


Unloading and loading of containers
Checking goods for quantity and quality
Sorting, marking and labeling of goods,
manual and mechanical film wrapping and stacking of pallets.


Control of incoming goods,
Repacking and replacement of pallets,
Assembling products according to orders,
assistance in production.

And much more!

We hire employees who will allow you to optimize the work in your company and fulfill all orders without delays.

Learn how staff leasing can improve your business.

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