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We help you work productively

We provide the specialists your company needs

With us you can flexibly increase and decrease the number of employees

We know how important professional employees are for your company. But we also know that sometimes you need more staff and sometimes you need less.

To meet your needs and help you avoid unnecessary costs, we have been offering employee leasing for companies on the German market since 2015.
We hire competent and motivated employees in logistics, warehousing and transport. You can hire them for as long as you need them. And you only pay for the hours worked.

How do we operate?

Recruitment and personnel leasing

We recruit qualified personnel permanently, so that we can provide you with the specialists suitable for your company.


We improve the skills of specialists by organizing practical professional courses and job-specific training tailored to your company.

We strive to minimize the risks associated with the transfer of personnel. Therefore, in the initial phase of cooperation, we precisely define the needs of your company in order to meet them.

However, if you come to the conclusion that an employee does not fit your company, we will suggest another candidate.
In this way, you can increase productivity and reduce costs. No time-consuming recruitment, no risk

Learn how staff leasing can improve your business.

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