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Do you need people to work in a warehouse, a forklift operator or a driver? We will hire you qualified and motivated temporary and replacement workers for the warehouse, logistics and transport industry.

We will help you precisely define your needs and quickly find the right people. Our specialists can start work even overnight. Our specialists can start work even overnight.

How does employee leasing work?


We run a base of professional employees whom we are hiring in das4you.


You report us what kind of specialists you need, for when and for how long.


We introduce you to the candidates from our database and help you choose the right specialists.


You hire employees and only pay for the hours worked on the basis of an invoice.

This way, employee leasing allows you to run your business
in a way that is beneficial to you and fair to the employees.

Therefore, rent employees instead of hiring them

  • You will gain full control and flexibility – you will increase the number of employees when orders pile up and reduce it when business traffic drops.
  • You will reduce costs – holidays, sick leave and all costs and administration related to employing staff are managed by us.
  • You will increase work efficiency – the lack of staff will never cause delays in order fulfilment.
  • You will eliminate the risk related to employment – the situation when no person appears for the position is impossible. For example, if they get ill, we will have someone else to replace them that day at work For example, if they get ill, we will have someone else to replace them that day at work.

Employee leasing means less troubles
and less stress

Recruitment, periodic health examinations and all other matters related to employment you can leave to us.

We are licensed by the Federal Employment Agency for employee leasing and have the necessary authorizations and certificates.

So, you can be sure that everything is done in accordance with the labour law, and employment-related inspections no longer apply to you.

Employee leasing means all benefits for your business.

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